As a certified coach, I work with people committed to making their relationships the best they can be but wonder why they can’t seem to get there. What you may not know is that I’ve trained with some of the best self-help minds on the planet, and because of this, I’ve been able to fill my self-help toolbox with some pretty nifty things that will blow your mind! And I’ve created a few of my own that I’m sure you’ll want to have on your journey to a healthy and fulfilling relationship with anyone you want. I ask the hard questions. You bring the honesty. Things will start to shift.


You + Me = Dynamite, baby!




Healthy relationships are the stuff of life and I am committed to helping you have the relationship you’ve always wanted.

Life is short. Too many people are spending time not being happy or fulfilled with their relationships. It’s time to change that. It’s time to bring your wonderful, authentic self to the relationship and flourish like never before. Can you imagine being on the same page as your partner? Working together, not against one another? Being able to give and get more from your relationship?

I’m here to show you that it *IS* possible. 

Changing the narrative in your relationship is well worth the work. That I know for sure. It takes a lot of transparency, authenticity and openness on your part.

In our work together, we will dig deep into the patterns in your relationship, how you communicate & relate to your partner, and identify your needs and how to make sure they get met. I am a HUGE self-care advocate and part of our work will be focused on creating a self-care plan that works for you–because we all know that we can’t give from an empty wel

Ready to get started? 

I want to make sure that we are a good fit for each other–that my coaching magic jives with your needs and desires. We’ll chat during a 20 minute phone consultation session, free of charge. 

Once you decide that I’m the one you’d like to take this journey with, we’ll go ahead and set up your payment(s) and schedule your first session.

What you can expect from our coaching relationship:

Real soul-level success takes time. Because of this, I work with clients for a minimum of 3 months. Regularly scheduled sessions mean you’ll have the time, space, and support you need to gain clarity and take inspired action to make real, lasting change. 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • 50 minute sessions, once per week (12 sessions total)
  • Magical coaching tools I will bestow upon you to use in between sessions (yes, there will be homework! It helps keep you in the flow)
  • Unlimited e-mail support from me between sessions, Mon.-Thurs.
  • An oracle/tarot/wisdom reading at the beginning of each session (if you’re into that sort of thing!)
  • Lots of love, cheerleading, and compassion from me                            

Investment: $1392

Payment options: In full (save $33!) or 3 monthly payments of $475

Returning Clients

I offer “tune up sessions” for clients who have previously coached with me and need to get back on track or a little extra support. We’ll dig into old patterns you might be falling into and and have you on your way to clarity in no time!

Investment for this (1) 50 minute session is $77.

If you are a previous client and wish to restart a coaching relationship that is a little longer term, you have access to the above 3 month coaching package at a discounted rate of 11%!

1 Day Intensive

If you’re up for spending 6 hours with me for some fun and coaching goodness, this is for you! We’ll spend time diving into your relationship stuff, and, by the end of the day, you’ll be well on your way to a better, healthier relationship with both your partner and yourself. There will be coaching. There will be laughing. There will be meditation. There will be food. There will be guided activities to get and keep your relationship mojo flowing! This day is all about YOU! And don’t worry, there will be breaks!

Available in person (Sarasota, FL) or via Skype.

Investment: $777

It’s time for you to make the leap and invest in your one, wild & beautiful life. 

 Let me show you how.

Contact me here for your free consultation.