Hello lovelies of internet-landia! I’m Kim, known to some as Kimmie, Kimberly, K.D., or K-Day; feel free to take your pick because I really don’t mind any of them. Or feel free to make one up like my best friend from high school did when she came up with “Kimbalimbageena.” While no longer relevant, it’s still one of my faves!

The first things people usually notice about me are my Adam Levine-like faux hawk, the various tattoos on my arms, and/or my facial piercings. Without knowing me, you might guess that I’m an angsty college-aged hipster, or so I’ve been told. I’m actually a 4 decade old Generation X-er with a creative, passionate soul with a lot to say.

I’m a life coach (though I prefer life change artist), perspective shifter, and self-care activist.

Some irrelevant yet fun facts about me:

  • I refer to myself as an extraverted introvert
  • I ADORE dogs. I’m the proud doggie mama of Zaney, a 12 yr. old Jack Russell who is my sidekick. I may or may not have a voice I do for her.
  • I love superheroes…and believe that we all embody superhero qualities.
  • I’m an artist and I make awesome shit. Sometimes I paint, sometimes I upcycle.
  • I’m a champion at Netflix binges
  • Music is my love language. I’ve been to more concerts than…well, I don’t know what, but trust me, there have been a lot. My favorites to date have been Brandi Carlile (2009-2015), Cat Stevens (2014) & The Cranberries (1995).
  • I have quite the nifty collection of Chuck Taylors, 10 to be exact. I still don’t have a red pair. I should probably remedy that soon.
  • Interior decorating is my jam
  • Real mail from awesome people makes me happy!

Because I am passionate, I believe a lot of stuff. I believe that coffee is a magical elixir, that soulmates (of the friend and romantic variety) exist, and that having awesome coffee mugs and socks are essential for the right frame of mind.

I believe that we were all put here to do the work we love and that it is our responsibility to share that work with the world.

That writing helps heal the soul.

That the energy you give something is MEGA important.

That people should hug and be who they really are more often, because if not, what’s the point?

I believe that life can be a glorious mess sometimes and THAT’S where the real living happens—in the middle of it all, when you’re trying to get from where you were to where you’re going. It’s a little place I call LIFE IN THE AMPERSAND. And it’s a journey we can all take together.