hi, i’m kim david.

Relationship Transformation Coach

I’ll Help You Strengthen & Navigate Your Relationships with Ease

Relationships can be hard. Really hard. I’m guessing that you, like me, weren’t given the instruction manual on how to be a relationship pro. But with the right tools & support, you can have stronger than ever relationships in no time!


In your relationship, are you feeling disconnected? As if you aren’t being heard? That your arguments are never resolved? A general feeling of discontent?

I coach humans from all walks of life who need help getting their relationships back on track whether that be with a significant other, friend, family member, or anyone they deal with on a day to day basis. In the process, I’ll even help you cultivate a better relationship with yourself!

I strongly believe that relationships are like plants; they need to be watered in order to thrive and grow. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some support while figuring out exactly how to do that?

Relationship Coaching Will Allow You To:

• Identify the core problem in your relationship

• Communicate more effectively

• Create & stick to your boundaries

• Fight better

• Have more FUN in your relationship

• Get the support you need to make changes


Learn to exercise your self-esteem muscle more than ever before and watch yourself and your relationships grow. 



Communicate effectively about your needs so that the person you’re speaking with hears what you’re *actually* saying.


Set healthy boundaries for yourself and learn how to enforce them with ease. Your relationships will improve tenfold.

What the *F* do I know about relationships? 

This was my immediate response when the idea of being a relationship coach popped up in my head. I mean, I’ve been in them but what did I know about the secrets of a lasting relationship? The last twenty-four years have brought 1 semi-long term relationship and many broken hearts and bad choices.

Until now.

I met my fiancee 3 years ago and I have done more growing in our time together than ever before, especially on the relationship front. Being in an alternative relationship definitely brings up your shit faster than anything I’ve ever seen. Triggers galore.

I’ve learned